RECIPE ROUNDUP: 5 FAILSAFE Friendly Recipes To Try This Week

FAILSAFE friendly recipes.

I’m not sure what it is about having very strict parameters that gets my brain fired up and excited, but I seriously love finding new ways to cook (or create in general) with limited ingredients and choices. Okay, okay. I love it AFTER I get over that initial mourning period of not being able to eat the foods I love anymore.

Now that I’ve settled into that sweet spot of having several recipes that I know are good, I’m all about finding NEW things to try out (and tweak if necessary) that are FAILSAFE friendly and play around with gluten-free flours. My daughter and I have been missing comfort foods and little treats since we can’t do any store-bought snacks, so muffins, breads, and other easy to grab treats have been high on my priority list.

I thought it would be fun to share what we’ve liked and why, so that you can try your hand at them too! So I’m starting a monthly feature on the blog where I round up some of my favorite recipes and what I’ve done (if anything) to make them FAILSAFE.

As you can see, this month’s list is heavy on gluten-free breads and bagels. There’s also a dipping sauce added in for good measure. Because if you’ve been doing a FAILSAFE diet for any amount of time, you know that flavor is a big concern. Most recipes are bland or end up tasting the same after a while, so finding ways to switch things up is ALWAYS welcomed.

So without further ado, here are…

5 FAILSAFE Friendly Recipes To Try This Week

  1. Gluten Free New York Bagels via The Nomadic Fitzpatricks. One thing my daughter has missed the most since being on the FAILSAFE Diet with me is her favorite gluten free bagels in the morning. Those contain ingredients that aren’t FAILSAFE, so we’ve been putting them on hold for now. With that in mind, I was determined to find her a safe alternative and enjoy a bagel or two myself.

    Thank GOODNESS for this gluten-free bagel recipe from The Nomadic Fitzpatricks. I used this gluten free flour mix instead of the CUP4CUP brand mentioned in the post and they came out perfectly. We topped ours with some canola oil and salt and can I just say OMFGTHEYWEREGOOD. Seriously hit the spot for me and were a decent stand in for her.

    They are a bit time consuming, so this is a great weekend project and one that would be fun to have older kids help with.
  2. Easy Marble Cake With Oil via Flour & Spice. This is an incredibly moist and delicious loaf cake that will make you second guess whether it’s gluten-free or not. This one required a few swaps to make it FAILSAFE but all in all, it’s a great recipe. And the fact that it’s naturally dairy-free made me a very happy person. My daughter has been devouring this and we plan to make it for my youngest’s birthday next week.

    To make it FAILSAFE:
    + use a safe flour blend (if you can tolerate wheat, great! Otherwise, I used the gluten free bread flour blend from Vegan Harvest).
    + make sure to choose a safe oil (I used canola)
    + I dropped the vanilla extract down to 1/2 tsp since I don’t tolerate it all that well.
    + swap out the cocoa for carob powder*
    + make sure to use a safe milk (I used oat milk because we need dairy free)
  3. Easy Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread via Vegan Harvest. I have to say that this is the best gluten free bread I’ve had, possibly ever. I’ve made a couple that have been decent (like this dutch oven version) but this is the real deal. It looks and feels like real bread and has a really wonderful crumb that makes it feel like fancy artisan bread. Even the gluten eating people in my family enjoyed this one. Just make sure to use the flour blend linked to in the post.
  4. One Pot FAILSAFE Pasta with Chicken + Leeks via My Low-Sal Life. One-pot pastas are an absolute dream, so coming up with one that is FAILSAFE friendly was a major win. I can see myself making it over and over again because of how quick and easy it is. It’s super flavorful, too, because of the chicken broth and has comfort food written all over it. Would definitely pair well with the gluten free sandwich breads or a nice side salad (hold the chicken since it’s already in the pasta).
  5. Carob + Pear BBQ Sauce via Domestic Diva. I was never really a fan of BBQ sauce pre-FAILSAFE, so when someone suggested this one I was a bit hesitant. Turns out I was a moron because anything that has carob powder and pears in it is bound to be good. It’s perfect served with chicken and beef, and makes for a great dipping sauce for our favorite flat bread wraps. And if you’re looking for something a little more basic, the Pear Ketchup from Domestic Diva is also a delight. Tastes more like duck sauce to us than ketchup, but that’s a good thing. Truly.

    See the comments on both posts for the basic instructions for how to make in on the stove since the main recipes are meant for the Thermomix.

What recipes have you been trying and loving lately? Anything that you’ve been dying to find a FAILSAFE option for?

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