Salicylate Free Eye Make-up

Looking for salicylate free eye make up to update your stash? Here are 3 of my favorite products.

Something that never occurred to me pre-FAILSAFE Diet is the ingredients in my makeup. I’ve always just gone for the stuff that did what I wanted it to do. Length AND volume in my mascara? Fantastic! Silky glide on application for my eye liner pencils? Brilliant. Matte kiss proof lipstick colors? Perfection. Bronzer or illuminators that I can mix into my face lotion? SCORE.

It wasn’t until I realized that 95% of the make up on the market today contains salicylates that I began to realize why I struggled to find products that didn’t make my skin itch like crazy, irritate my eyes, or make my skin break out and look angry.

And so began my research on salicylate free make up to replace it all with. I started with eye makeup because that’s my favorite and what I wear the most of. Besides, I wear a mask whenever I go out, so it’s like anyone sees the rest of my face.

I started my search at Ulta Beauty and will continue to order from them because they have a very liberal return policy, meaning there is zero risk if the product doesn’t work out. If you don’t have an Ulta Beauty near you, make sure to check out the return policy BEFORE ordering so you aren’t out a ton of money or stuck with product you can’t use.

Salicylate free eye make up that I’ve been using and liking. 

FOR EYE SHADOW: The Soft Glam II mini eye shadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The colors are dreamy and super pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. I’m obsessed with Mulberry, and Dreamer has such a beautiful glow to it. This also comes in a bigger eye shadow palette with double the colors (and double the price) if you are into it. Price for the mini palette is $29.

FOR MASCARA: Pür Fully Charged mascara from Pür Cosmetics. I’m suuuuuuper picky about mascara and this mascara is amazing. It makes my lashes look full and long and it doesn’t clump or flake off. I’ve even accidentally left it on overnight and didn’t wake up with raccoon eyes or a dark spot on my pillow. It also washes off easily with soap and water. But the absolute best part about it? It doesn’t make my eyes itch. Huzzah! Price for a full tube is $22.

FOR EYE LINER: I can’t say enough good things about the Endless Silky Eye Pencil from Pixi Beauty. I have it in Deep Plum, MatteMulberry, and RoseGlow and I couldn’t choose a favorite if you made me. They go on so smoothly and stay put but are easy to remove with soap and water. AND MY EYES DON’T ITCH!! Price for the eye pencil is $12.

All of the ingredients in the products listed above were run through SalSearch to make sure they were salicylate free, but please always read ingredients and do your own research before using.

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  1. Hi Emily,
    Do you have suggestions for lipstick? I can’t have anything with red dye 40. I took a test called Check My Body. It uses a hair sample you submit to check for food sensitivities and chemical preservatives sensitivities and some other things. I know some people have doubts about these test, but it has been helpful for me.

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