Buckwheat Cookies (low salicylate)

One of the things that I miss most with a low salicylate diet is having a little something sweet. Since most of my go-to’s treats include dairy-free ice cream, brownies, and chocolate that all contain high salicylate ingredients, I’ve had to forgo them all. So when I came across a recipe for on dishbydish.net for buckwheat cookies that contained ingredients that I could actually do, I was intrigued.

(Okay, I was also a little nervous since I hadn’t ever cooked with buckwheat flour before. But HEY. It’s a cookie and it’s safe, so… count. me. in.)

Buckwheat is a gluten-free grain that is low in salicylates according to Swain et al. (Other lists have buckwheat listed in the moderate to high category, so if you haven’t had buckwheat before, you may want to test these out slowly.) The remaining ingredients — canola oil, sugar, eggs, baking powder, and salt — also fall into the low salicylate category making these buckwheat cookies safe treat for anyone who needs to avoid salicylates.

I will say that my 7 year-old absolutely loves these. She has mentioned several times that these are her favorite cookies and asks for one daily. I’m more than happy to share since the recipes makes 2 dozen (24 total) and I can’t nearly eat them fast enough. I, sadly, have to limit myself to one buckwheat cookie a day or I get side pains.

What’s your favorite low salicylate treat? Please share links below. I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and recipes to try.

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Diving feet first into a FAILSAFE diet after years of struggling with digestive issues and feeling like crap.

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