Chickpea Oat Bars

Chickpea Oat Bars

I’m always on the lookout for snacks that everyone will like. I feel like we have a good repertoire with our main meals, having 4-5 go-to meals to work with. It’s the in between that we struggle with the most.

My daughter and I are used to snacking on fruits and veggies, so having to cut out a majority of those, we are left with whatever I’m willing to cook. And because we are on such a limited diet, I try to find ways to add in extra nutrition and variety to our food. The fact that these are made with chickpeas is a wonderful bonus and helps to make the them extra filling.

I also have zero guilt letting my children eat them all day long.

Because, you know, CHICKPEAS.

The original recipe I was working from called these chickpea oat bars cookies. But the batter didn’t seem to hold together well enough and I figured a bar would be just as easy.

I wasn’t holding my breath, though, because I have had more than a few recipe fail me recently. I was so sure they wouldn’t work that I forgot to set a timer the first time I made them. (OOPS.) When everyone proclaimed them to be delicious, I knew I had to make them again to figure out what I actually did.

The things I do in the name of recipe development, I swear.

And in case you’re wondering, the chickpea oat bars make for great toddler snacks, special camp treats, and would be super easy to pop into a lunch box for a sweet (and healthier!) treat. They also make for great snacking all day long, as evidenced by the empty pan sitting on my countertop right now.

Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 30 mins Total Time 40 mins
Servings: 10 Calories: 215 kcal


Looking for a kid-approved snack that’s as easy as it is delicious to make? These FAILSAFE/RPAH Elimination Diet friendly chickpea oat bars are exactly that. Great for breakfast on-the-go, lunch box treats, or late night snacking.



  1. Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C. Line a 7×11 glass baking dish with parchment paper and spray with safe oil.

  2. Combine all ingredients except carob chips into a food processor and blend until smooth. Fold in carob chips by hand.

  3. Pour batter into prepared baking dish and transfer to the oven. Cook for 30-35 minutes or until edges turn golden brown. Allow to cool completely before cutting into squares.

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving
Calories 215kcal


*The only place I’ve found carob chips in the United States is online. Most varieties contain coconut sugar or oil, so make sure to read ingredients. The brand I use does contain palm kernel oil and soy lecithin, so make sure that you can tolerate those ingredients before buying. 

This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, nightshade free, soy free (if not using the carob chips), and corn free. It is FAILSAFE friendly and safe for the strict phase of the RPAH Elimination Diet. 

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